Transform Your Approach to Lab Capacity Modelling

Simplify Capacity Planning, Optimise Headcount, and Visualise Operational Capacity in your Lab Operations

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Problem - spreadsheets are challenging

Take the effort out of Capacity Modelling in the Lab


Excel does not excel at Capacity Modelling

Operational areas (including labs) rely heavily on self-built spreadsheets for capacity modelling. These spreadsheets are often complex, fragile, error-prone, and not secure.


Updating spreadsheets is time-consuming

Updating complex spreadsheets with new scenarios or changes can be labour-intensive and time-consuming.


Modelling multiple scenarios

Spreadsheets are disconnected, and lack visibility and standardisation, making it challenging to consolidate or compare data across multiple labs.

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Solution - CapacityWise

Model operational capacity efficiently and accurately.

CapacityWise is a secure cloud-based platform that simplifies capacity planning, determines optimum headcount, and enables decision-making with AI-powered modelling.



Intuitive navigation, data entry, and drag-and-drop functionality make it easy for users to learn quickly.



Leverage AI to optimise models, generate scenarios, determine headcount, equipment requirements and siting.



Model any operating environment; laboratories, manufacturing areas, warehouses, healthcare, service industries, and supply chain.

Laboratory digital twin

Model real-world operations, understand the impact of change.


Capacity Modelling

Determine the optimum headcount, cells, space and equipment required to meet customer demand (forecast)

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Scalable Modelling

Visualise local, regional and global capacity. Build entire value streams. Identify opportunities.

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Scenario Planning

Simulate different situations; changes in headcount, demand fluctuations, or equipment.

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Busy Lab Operations

Rapid, robust capacity modelling at your fingertips

Move away from error-prone manual spreadsheets, ensure robust data security, and slash the time required to build and modify models.

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Accuracy & Speed

Intuitive navigation, data entry, and drag-and-drop functionality make it easy for users to quickly learn

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Leverage AI to optimise models, generate scenarios, determine headcount and siting.

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Data Security

Fortified data protection with encryption, SSO access controls, AWS secure servers, and advanced anonymisation.

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More Benefits

Enhanced Performance and Improved Efficiency

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Aligned with Lean Labs Objectives

By understanding capacity constraints and opportunities, labs can optimise the use of equipment, space, and personnel, leading to cost savings

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Reduce Time Spent on Capacity Modelling & Errors

Streamline the process and reduce errors to save significant man-hours previously spent on manual data entry and spreadsheet updates.

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Proactive Decision-Making

Explore different scenarios, identify risks and opportunities, evaluate impacts, and make proactive decisions to mitigate risks and maintain continuity.


A Scalable Solution for Capacity Modelling in the Lab – from Local to Global

  • Global View: Model all of your manufacturing sites in one place, providing a clear and comprehensive view of capacity across regions.
  • Strategic Planning: Leverage advanced analytics to plan and align resources across sites, ensuring efficiency and alignment with corporate goals.
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How it works

Step by Step towards optimised operations

Easily create a digital twin of operational environments, determine the optimum level of headcount, equipment and spaces, and generate a plan for success.

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Create Digital Twin

With easy input forms Enter real-world variables like product mix, equipment matrices, cells and space, staff availability, and more.

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Model Capacity

At the push of a button CapacityWise processes data and generates optimised capacity models, including headcount requirements.

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Analyse & Plan

Visualise impacts to the plan and Run scenarios, generate alternatives, and optimise outcomes using AI-powered insights.

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Deploy in 12 weeks or less*

Using our pre-packaged best practices, implementation support, e-learning platform and experts.

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